The gown she wore in the last round of the Miss India contest was not designer wear but stitched by a local tailor in Delhi. Even the gloves were made from socks trimmed by her mother.

On May 21, 1994, Sushmita not only won the title but also became the first Indian crowned Miss Universe at just 18 years old.

Sushmita Sen was only 25 when she decided to adopt a child.  Not only was she very young but also single, raising eyebrows.

Despite studying in a Hindi medium school, the actress didn't know how to speak English. However, she mastered the language by the age of 16.

The actress has spoken time and again about her love for poetry.  She not only loves reading it but also writing, a passion she has pursued since her college days.

The actress revealed that in school, she was often considered a tomboy for hanging out with boys all the time.

Despite the passage of time, the actress maintains a perfect figure, credited to her love for yoga.

At 18, winning Miss Universe, Sushmita pursued glamour and education, earning a journalism degree alongside her dreams.